Production Database Services
We work with your team to provide comprehensive support for your production infrastructure. Our dedicated 24x7x365 support specialists perform work within a set response time tailored to your company’s needs. Typical support activities include: availability monitoring; proactive notification; trend analysis; performance tuning and backup and recovery support.
Database Development Support
Our support specialists assist your company in building an effective, usable database environment to support business applications. Typical support includes data modeling; database design; normalization testing; data/application migration; SQL tuning and end user/application developer support.
Operating Systems Support
We have the resources to support your operating system environment to improve your businesses’ efficiency, responsiveness and cost effectiveness. We provide installation, tuning, patching, cloning, updates, upgrades, monitoring and system availability.


Database Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 with the vision of providing our clients with the highest level of expertise, commitment to excellence, the value of a team approach.

We have what we believe is a unique model in this industry. In addition to our concentration on senior-level talent, our company structure stresses our collective whole over individual parts. We operate as a unit on every project. Each Database Services consultant is backed by the expertise and experience of the rest of our team. If it benefits your project, we don’t hesitate to draw knowledge and backing from any of our team members even if they aren’t assigned to your specific project. Our whole team is working in your interests.

Bob Goins, President: As an information systems professional with over 20 years experience, Bob specializes in database administration for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and other relational databases.

Mr. Goins has played a key role in the implementation of large-scale systems for telecommunication, insurance, health care, and utility companies. His consulting assignments have provided the opportunity to work in both commercial, international, and government computing environments. He was the Database Administrator for The Executive Office of the President of the United States. He is a US citizen with security clearances from the White House and the US State Department.